Auto Collision-At A Glance

If you have been in an accident, the technicians you choose for auto body repair will be your most valuable allies in helping you get back on the road as soon as possible. There are good ones as with any mechanics, and not so good ones. Here’s what you need to look for in standard auto body repair services.

1. A thorough analysis: No testing of any kind should be performed on a vehicle before it has been through a comprehensive evaluation process to determine where damage has been done, including damage at the impact site as well as any potential secondary damage. You should see that report in writing and give written approval before starting work. Take a look at the site here JC Auto Collision

2. Full disassembly of the affected area: It’s just not enough to patch the “outsides” of an accident-ridden automobile. There is a good chance that some structural harm has also occurred, and if it is not adequately identified and fixed, you (and you) will suffer even more damage if you are ever in another accident.

3. A perfect parts-ordering system: You want to get your own vehicle back as quickly as possible even if you are offered a loaner car to use. Choose a restore company that has a reliable system of parts-ordering in place so you don’t have to wait longer than you really need.

4. Your car’s frame should always be scrutinized and tested thoroughly, even if the damage to the chassis appears minimal. You want to be completely certain that your car’s “skeleton” is back in line with all of the factory requirements.

5. Professional painting: For a more realistic, straight-from – the-car-fabric look, a good car restoration service should paint each component separately before reassembly. Beware of those shops that only paint after the car has been reassembled: it just doesn’t give you the finished look you want and predict.