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Laser Hair Removal

Laser technology – The Science behind Laser Hair Removal

Related imageThe science behind this technology is what is known as Selective Photothermolysis. The laser can selectively heat the melanin in the hair follicle while not heating the rest of the skin. Because the laser can target the area it wishes to heat, the follicle is directly targeted leaving the skin unharmed. Melanin is what gives the skin and hair it’s color. There are two types of hair melanin. Eumelanin gives the hair a brown or black color and pheomelanin gives hair a blonde or red color. The laser hair removal treatment works best with dark, coarse hair and light skin with dark hair is the ideal combination. using laser technology


Electrolysis is another method that is similar to laser hair removal but it is effective on all different hair types and is the only method given the title of permanent hair removal by the FDA. Using laser hair removal is quicker, more reliable and less painful than using electrolysis. Some may think that these two technologies are one in the same but both techniques are completely different technologies. Electrolysis is much more painful process and requires more treatment time as well as being less reliable.

Different laser types:

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Pulse width determines what type of laser is right for your particular skin type. Lasers with a longer pulse width are safer for dark skin types and short pulsewidths are more effective in targeting and disabling hair follicles. The ideal width of the laser beam should be four times as wide as the target is deep. Also, the higher the fluence or energy the treatment is more effective. It’s important to get treatments at the correct level to heat up the follicles and debilitate the hair from growing. Using cryogenic sprays also allows higher fluences, rendering the treatments more effective. There are three types of epidermal cooling. The first is contact cooling, using water or other internal coolants to cool down the treatment area. Cryogen spray is a spray that is administered directly to the skin immediately before or following the pulse of the laser. Last, air cooling, is using forced air at -34 degrees that is applied to the area.