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Learning To Hunt Deer Takes Year Round Preparation

There’s more to deer hunting than just going out into the woods and finding a nice spot. It takes time for that to happen. Get More Info

First, you need to start preparing long before the hunting season even begins, and I’m not talking about sighting in your choice weapon or preparing your hunting clothes to be scent-free. These things also need to be done but first some other items need to be cared for.

Never Too Early To Start Scouting You need to do some scouting first. Get out into the woods and look for deer and signs of where they were. Look for frequent food sources, water sources they go to on hot days, and areas where they may sleep in the evening.

You want to position your stand in a region between their source of food or water and the location they’re bedding down. Do not get too close to their bedding region otherwise you may be disturbing them and that will force them to migrate out of your hunting grounds to a different place.

Choose The Best Spot To Start The Season and Beyond First you’ll need to find a clear place to put your stand up. You’re going to want an area that’s going to provide some cover but nothing too thick. If you find a good trail but don’t have any shooting lanes in the area it won’t do you any good. You may need to cut out a couple of branches or even cut down some smaller trees to get several nice shooting lanes off you. Keep in mind that from 15 to 20 feet up a branch, the landscape you are looking at will be entirely different.

Use caution while setting up your stand and if you can, get a buddy to help. Falls from trees and tree stands are one of the hunter’s principal causes of injury and death.

If you have a sufficiently large hunting ground system many stands in the entire property. I don’t daily like to hunt the same area. I like to chase different areas for less opportunity to spook the deer. After the season starts I have never been a big fan of moving a booth so having multiple booths set-up can really help when deer patterns change.

Food Plot or Not Next you’re going to want to think about additional deer feed to help attract bigger bucks and keep doing it on the hunting grounds. Make sure to check with the rules and regulations of your Country.

If you have a small open area a food crop can be cultivated. Whether you have planting equipment or not, there is a whole host of companies out there and products available. Just do a search on food plots to find all the necessary information.

Another option is to have a feeder running on a timer and up to several times a day,’ feeding’ the deer. I usually use whole-corn regularly in my feeders. Another option is to put some salt and mineral blocks out to catch the deer.

Give The Preparation and Patience Eventually you need patience. I don’t go out to kill a Deer while I play. I’m shooting to love Mother Nature, to see everything she’s got to teach me. Watching deer from your stand is similar to the old proverb that a pot you watched never boils.

Usually when one shows up, once in your stand and you stop looking for deer. Be patient, and have fun in the great outdoors.