Doctor on Call-A Breakthrough Medical Service

Sometimes we come upon a concept that is so innovative that we ask why no-one thought earlier about it. For many families telemedicine is the right idea at the right time. How many decades have it been since the doctor would come to the house in the middle of the night when a child became sick? Okay, we’re not talking about doctors personally attending the house, but a doctor’s appointment is just a phone call away from telemedicine physician on request.Do you want to learn more? Visit doctors.When a family member is sick, there are typically two choices. Take the individual to a medical clinic, or arrange a family doctor appointment. Medical clinics are costly, and patients are often crammed into waiting rooms. Waiting times can be arduous and lengthy. Family physicians are never reachable via telephone and will not prescribe medication without an evaluation involving a potential physician’s office visit. Often it can be lengthy and stressful to sit in an office full of sick people.

Doctor on call provides the comfort of the home with immediate medical consultation. Registered nurses are accessible 24 hours a day, 365 days a year, over the internet. They view the medical records of the patient, and conduct a triage based on the identified symptoms. If the situation warrants treatment with a specialist, the individual is called in within one hour by board certified practitioners (located in all 50 states) who participate in the program. Prescriptions are submitted immediately to the patient’s pharmacy of choice. Diagnosis of the doctor and a hospital ride can be done within two hours or less. System participants are not paid for the nurse appointment, but are pay $35.00 when consulting with a specialist is needed. Medical clinics bill a treatment about $150.00.

Doctor on call is not compensation and is not a substitution for a doctor’s visit but when a family member gets ill in the middle of the night, a determination on the severity of the problem needs to be made. Is this a problem that requires immediate treatment with an emergency room ride, or can it be handled and managed with mobile evaluation and prescription medicines? Emergency room visits will cost for those who are covered up including $1,500.00, to uninsured with significant co-pay. Statistically, it is possible to resolve 90 per cent of all emergency room visits by phone. At the very least, the purpose of the emergency room visit will be decided by a doctor on call.

Telemedicine is nothing new. High profile celebrities and rich entertainers have always had access to doctors 24 hours a day, but now for most People that privilege is available. It is an especially valuable benefit to large families as membership includes all members of the family. To know how beneficial this program can be, one only has to become sick while on holiday or on a business trip out of the state where a prescription is not issued by the primary care physician. The peace of mind alone in understanding medical professionals is available instantly is worth the low monthly expense.